BMW Motorrad Motorcycles

Raffi Kodikian

October 13, 2022


BMW Motorrad has been producing motorcycles since 1923. The brand is part of BMW’s Corporate and Brand Development division. In 2015, BMW Motorrad’s sales reached a record high. Its motorcycles are designed for performance and quality and meet strict environmental standards. Read on to learn more about BMW motorcycles.

BMW motorcycles have a flat-twin or boxer engine

BMW motorcycles are designed with flat-twin or boxer engines. The earliest BMW motorcycles were built with flat-twin engines. The BMW R32 was built in 1923 with a longitudinally-mounted four-86 cc flat-twin petrol engine to reduce cooling issues. It produced 6.3 kW (8 hp) and reached speeds of up to 95 km/h (75 mph). This motorcycle had a shaft drive, adjustable shocks, and a single-sided swingarm.

The BMW motorcycle engine has evolved over the years, just like the motorcycle industry. It has gone from single-cylinder units to tiny twins. The company even tried out a four-valve head in the R1100RS, the first serial-production BMW motorcycle with this technology. This engine is said to have high pulling power and smooth running.

They have water-cooled heads with air-cooled cylinders

The water-cooled cylinders and heads of BMW bikes are a combination of both air and water-cooled components. The water-cooled system reduces mechanical noise and improves combustion stability, which reduces exhaust emissions. The new BMW bikes have 125 hp and use two small radiators hidden inside the side fairing panels.

The R series of BMW motorcycles feature boxer and flat-twin engines. Other BMW bikes feature air-cooled twin engines and vintage Airhead models with a water-cooled head. In addition, some BMW bikes use a combination of air and water-cooled cylinders.

The R18 features a newly developed two-cylinder boxer engine, which the company calls “Big Boxer.” The new engine is similar to the classic boxer engines that were synonymous with BMW Motorrad for over 70 years. These engines are known for their high-performance technology and reliability.

They meet escalating environmental standards

BMW is working on developing bikes with low emissions, including hybrids and electric models. It is also looking into using hydrogen engines and developing fuels that are cleaner than traditional fossil fuels. Plenty of models are available that meet stringent emissions limits and are in the lowest tax bracket. This means they may even qualify for eco-bonuses in some EU countries.

BMW motorcycles are known not only for their engines but also for the way they look and feel. The company uses advanced technology in each aspect of the bike, from the body to the chassis. It believes that a bike’s concept and design attract customers, not just its engine.

They are good

If you consider getting a bike, BMW bikes are a great choice. These motorcycles are well-designed, reliable, and affordable. While they are not the fastest, they offer outstanding performance and excellent handling. If you are looking for a bike to take on a short journey, BMW provides a variety of models.

If you are new to riding, the G310 GS is a great place to start. It has a fun, single-cylinder design and an affordable price tag. You can also try the F 750 GS with its ABS and ninety-horsepower parallel twin-cylinder engine. If you are looking for a more powerful bike, the S1000 XR offers a 165-horsepower inline four-cylinder engine and is perfect for road-based touring.

BMW motorcycles have been known to offer excellent comfort and a custom fit. They are also known for having heaps of bottom-end torque. Many bike enthusiasts swear by their BMWs and can’t imagine riding anything else. These bikes are made in Germany and have excellent build quality.

They are not tampered with

The BMW S1000RR sports bike is the top-rated sports bike. The WSB homologated RR sold more than 1,000 units before total commercial production began in 2010. This sports bike features a 14,000-rpm redline 193 bhp engine with an array of electronic trickery and traction control.

BMW began making aircraft engines in the early 20th century and introduced its first motorcycle in 1923. The company continues to use the flat-twin boxer engine configuration and manufactures a variety of models. Two of its most popular models are the R1200GS Adventure. These motorcycles sold nearly 28% of BMW’s annual production. The company also produces chain-driven and shaft-driven models with engines ranging from 310cc to 1,802cc. The company also makes motorcycles for dual-purpose, sport, and off-road uses.