Raffi Kodikian Examines the Purpose, Principles, and Benefits of Litigation Management

Raffi Kodikian

October 11, 2021

Raffi Kodikian Examines the Purpose, Principles, Litigation Management

Raffi Kodikian Talks Litigation Management: The Principles and Benefits Behind It 

Raffi Kodikian knows that litigation management is hardly a straightforward concept. After many years in the insurance industry, he breaks down what it is and why it matters to anyone filing a claim. 

Litigation management is a critical part of the insurance industry, one that ensures the claims process can flow as smoothly as possible. However, its principles and practices can be misunderstood, especially when different firms might have different opinions on what constitutes litigation management. 

Raffi Kodikian is an experienced insurance broker with a focus on Lawyers Professional Liability. He weighs in on the reasoning behind litigation management and its many benefits. 

The Purpose of Litigation Management 

The key purpose behind this strategy is to keep claims under the umbrella of the adjuster. Raffi Kodikian says that a lawyer may be an expert in counsel, but that doesn’t mean they understand how to efficiently assess and price the case. Too many people involved in the matter — particularly those who come in during the middle of the process — can confuse the situation and make it more complicated than it needs to be. 

The Principles of Litigation Management 

Litigation management typically hands the major decisions over to the adjusters, so they can determine how to move forward. This may involve anything from mediation to settling to litigation. However, for Kodikian, the goal is to try to avoid the latter path if and whenever possible. He considers it a last-ditch measure that should only be used for the most extreme cases. 

Ideally, it’s also the adjuster who would review and approve the costs related to these measures (e.g., hourly bills for outside counsel, court costs, etc.), though depending on the firm in question, this isn’t always done in practice. 

The Benefits of Litigation Management 

Litigation management can be somewhat inconsistent in the industry, with different firms interpreting the principles in different ways. Still, Kodikian is confident in the core of litigation management, precisely because it helps people avoid costly legal battles that most can ill afford. A lawyer could easily come onto the scene to start a lengthy discovery process, even when all the information was readily available to the adjuster. Litigation management prioritizes efficiency when settling claims, saving everyone valuable time and money. 

Raffi Kodikian the Evolution of Litigation Management

Like any field, litigation management is constantly evolving. While adjusters can and should maintain control over their cases to ensure efficiency, they do need to be willing to work with auditors, mediators, and counselors of every variety. Litigation management is not about sacrificing quality for the sake of the bottom line, but about everyone identifying their role in any given claim so there’s a clear chain of command.