Raffi Kodikian Shares Questions Every Traveler Should Ask Before Buying Travel Insurance

Raffi Kodikian

October 10, 2021

Raffi Kodikian Shares Questions Every Traveler Buying Travel Insurance

As people resume leisure and business travel, Raffi Kodikian suggests all travelers ask the right questions before insuring their next trip.

San Francisco, California – June 29, 2021 – As people resume leisure travel, Raffi Kodikian knows many are once again considering travel insurance to cover unexpected cancelations, lost luggage and other unforeseen vacation issues. 

But as Kodikian knows, getting the right travel insurance is more important than ever, particularly due to the relatively new threat of rolling international lockdowns. And because of that, Raffi Kodikian has some key questions every traveler should ask their agent before making such an important financial commitment. 

These include:

What is the 24-hour emergency number?

According to Kodikian, all travel insurance should come with 24/7 customer support, simply because travelers never know when an emergency might strike. Even if assistance is needed during local business hours, it may be after hours wherever the insurer happens to be located. 

With around-the-clock support, the help you need is never more than a phone call away.

Yet, it’s not important just to confirm your travel insurance policy comes with 24/7 support (the majority, in fact, do). Travelers must also know how to contact the support. 

The emergency support phone number, says Raffi Kodikian, should be confirmed and written down in a safe place. That way, it’s readily accessible when aid is quickly needed.

Does the policy waive pre-existing conditions?

Unlike health insurers, travel insurance policies aren’t required to cover pre-existing medical conditions. Some policies will cover these, while others will exclude coverage for them.

Travel policies that do provide coverage for preexisting conditions don’t usually include it as a special protection. Instead, they generally have a section that waives coverage of issues resulting from a pre-existing ailment. 

For travelers who have any preexisting conditions, Raffi Kodikian recommends seeking a policy that provides additional coverage for such issues.

What costs are covered upfront, and which get reimbursed?

As Raffi Kodikian knows, most travel insurance policies treat covered costs in one of two ways. 

Some costs might be covered upfront by a policy, while others may be reimbursed once a valid claim is submitted. Reimbursed costs are paid first by the policyholder, though those costs are later refunded by the provider.

Knowing which costs are covered upfront and which get reimbursed is essential to determining how much money a traveler may need down the road. Travelers should have the means to cover reimbursed costs when they are due. They should also understand that such fees will be reimbursed later on.

Whatever your situation, Raffi Kodikian recommends travel insurance for your next trip

Raffi Kodikian recommends that most travelers consider travel insurance while planning an overseas vacation. He also suggests considering policies that match your needs and provide robust protection. The questions he suggests asking will help identify which policy best meets your needs.